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If you are contemplating getting divorced,

consult Liz Croland Sarakin first.

As an attorney who handled divorces for over 30 years, she is calm, savvy, truly listens, and is uniquely positioned to help you evaluate if a divorce is what you'd like to pursue and understand how to protect your interests and assets. If you wish to arrive at a place where you can resolve property issues and move forward without litigation, call Liz. You will save yourself unnecessary expense and emotional upheaval.

– A very satisfied client who stayed married



Liz was a fantastic mediator and I couldn’t be more thankful for her help during a very difficult time.

We only had a handful of sessions, and her expertise helped to ensure that both sides got to an understanding and an agreement on every topic that needed to be discussed, especially when it came to our two young children. Liz was always reachable and she made the whole process smooth and straightforward. I could not recommend her more to anyone that needs to go through mediation.

– H. Collins



Liz Croland is a superb and sensitive advisor and consultant

in family matters.

She was patient, knowledgeable, and insightful, and helped us maneuver through the difficult situation confronting our family. With her expert legal skills, she guided us in a very thoughtful manner to a very positive resolution. I highly recommend Liz – she provides great personal service and helps people work through complicated issues to make their lives simpler.

– Anonymous



Liz guided me through the hardest time of my life.

She helped me to understand the divorce process and consider different ways to address issues I was facing and fearful about. She is knowledgeable, experienced, kind, and empathetic, and I felt reassured that I would get through what I was dealing with and be fine. I highly recommend Liz.

– Anonymous



You know you’ve found the best of the best when you go out of your way to work with them again – doubly true when the reunion comes 10 years after the first encounter.

I initially teamed up with attorney Lizabeth Croland Sarakin to help settle some unfinished divorce business before she founded her divorce consultancy. Most lawyers I’ve met can’t keep their fangs at bay, but Liz understood how to get the job done without compromising decency, fairness, or straightforwardness. I exited that process happier and more educated than when I entered it. A decade later, I sought Liz’s help with a potential post-judgement issue. Through consultation, she gave me valuable advice and direction that allowed me to resolve the issue – and I have her to thank.

– N.S.

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