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Divorce Mediation

I offer couples an alternative to resolve disputes and to avoid the conflict and expense associated with the traditional divorce process. Mediation gives both spouses greater flexibility and control over the terms of how they will settle their divorce – and their future.

Divorce Consulting

When divorce is being considered – by you or your spouse – consulting should be your first step. Based on your individual circumstances, I will give you an honest assessment of your options, explain processes and practical solutions, and guide you in strategizing and negotiating the best possible outcome.

You know you’ve found the best of the best when you go out of your way to work with them again – doubly true when the reunion comes 10 years after the first encounter.

I initially teamed up with attorney Lizabeth Croland Sarakin to help settle some unfinished divorce business before she founded her divorce consultancy. Most lawyers I’ve met can’t keep their fangs at bay, but Liz understood how to get the job done without compromising decency, fairness, or straightforwardness. I exited that process happier and more educated than when I entered it. A decade later, I sought Liz’s help with a potential post-judgement issue. Through consultation, she gave me valuable advice and direction that allowed me to resolve the issue – and I have her to thank.

– N.S.

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