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Divorce Mediation

Mediation offers couples an alternative to resolve disputes and to avoid the conflict and expense associated with the traditional divorce process.


As a Divorce Mediator, I empower clients and assist them to improve their communication, to jointly take control of their outcome, and to reach a divorce settlement that meets their needs without going through a long, costly legal battle. This can – and oftentimes does – save couples valuable time, money, and emotional energy.

“I believe deeply in divorce mediation. Not only does it save people time and money, but it allows them to take control of the process and arrive at a better resolution as a result.”

Clarity is stabilizing and liberating.

As an attorney, I was successful at getting individuals to come together, be respectful of each other, and agree on choices that made sense for them and their loved ones. I use those same skills as a Divorce Mediator to encourage couples to work things out before going to court – or, if already in litigation, returning to court for trial. While both parties may be angry, frustrated or hurt, they can still come to the table and work together to make decisions based on having a clear understanding of their options.


Prospective clients often have the impression that mediation is only for couples whose divorce will be relatively simple. Others believe mediation is for those who are separating amicably. The truth is, mediation is for any couple that wants to retain control over making the choices and decisions that affect their lives – now and in the future.

Divorce mediation is a dynamic process.

In divorce mediation, couples work together to reach agreements that address their short and long-term goals. My role is not to take sides or impose solutions. I am here to serve as a neutral third party in order to:


  • Facilitate discussions between you concerning your issues and how to resolve them.

  • Provide the guidance and information you need to consider in order to understand the impact of your decisions.

  • Encourage both parties to actively and respectfully participate in the process.

  • Offer suggestions and guide each of you in creating reasonable solutions that consider your individual needs and those of you family.


I work cooperatively with attorneys, accountants, and other professionals as needed to streamline the process and facilitate resolution.

Liz was a fantastic mediator and I couldn’t be more thankful for her help during a very difficult time.

We only had a handful of sessions, and her expertise helped to ensure that both sides got to an understanding and an agreement on every topic that needed to be discussed, especially when it came to our two young children. Liz was always reachable and she made the whole process smooth and straightforward. I could not recommend her more to anyone that needs to go through mediation.

– H. Collins

Control the decisions that affect your life –

now and in the future.

Couples who move through mediation successfully often find they are better able to communicate and find creative solutions to their issues. They also learn techniques for resolving differences, which can be invaluable for couples who will share custody of their children and face family and parenting issues in the future. Most importantly, because the settlement will be jointly and voluntarily agreed to, the final outcome is likely to be far more positive than a court-mandated decision and judgment.

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If you are thinking about separation or divorce, consider exploring mediation as an option. To schedule a brief Introductory Phone Consult, call 201-742-1202 or email

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