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Liz Croland Sarakin


Meet Lizabeth Croland Sarakin, Esq.

NJ Court Approved R.1:40 Mediator

During the past 30 years, I have specialized in matrimonial and family law, handling and resolving complex matters involving issues that included parenting and custody agreements, spousal and child support, special needs, prenuptial agreements, asset identification, valuation, allocation and division, retirement and employment benefits, and financial matters.

As a divorce attorney, I heard and saw it all: the ongoing, unnecessary financial and emotional struggles, and oftentimes the long-lasting damage to individuals and – more tragically – their children. I felt strongly that people would benefit immensely by being better informed about the divorce process before diving or being pushed into its deep and potentially turbulent waters. I decided to use my uniquely specialized knowledge and experience to educate, counsel, and support those who are contemplating and/or experiencing separation or divorce – so that they are less likely to make decisions based on impulse, resignation, or feeling pressured by the court-mandated divorce process.

“A peacemaker at heart, I strive to be a calming, empowering presence during what is often a stressful, painful, and chaotic time in my clients’ lives.”

 I hold myself to the highest ethical standards, value authenticity, and can be relied upon to offer an honest assessment of the circumstances and objectively guide clients in choosing a path to achieving the desired outcome – for themselves and their loved ones.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Middlebury College in Vermont, where I also studied Studio Art and Social Psychology, and a Doctor of Law degree from Cardozo School of Law in New York City. I have co-authored articles for and contributed to national valuation publications and state and local family law publications.


I am also passionate about supporting efforts to eliminate breast cancer, volunteering and raising funds for the American Cancer Society, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and serving as a volunteer organizer for Side-Out Foundation’s Dig Pink National Breast Cancer Rally/Events.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce consulting

A Tribute to My Father

Barry I. Croland, Esq.

The sculpture of the panther on the rock is a tribute to my father, Barry I. Croland. He was the premier Divorce and Family Law attorney in New Jersey and beyond – and I was blessed to learn from the best. I relished and cherished the opportunity not only to work with my dad, but to get to know and appreciate him as a human being. 

Croland Panther On The Rock

My mission has always been to help people through tough times in a way that is genuine, compassionate, and productive. And while my father was an exceptionally gifted attorney, he was also kind, helpful, and respectful of others. It was how he practiced law – not what he did day to day – that most inspired me.

The panther is the mascot of Middlebury College, which my father and I both attended. I often took big family trips to Middlebury with my dad (and amazing mom), so this image symbolizes family and tradition. The panther also embodies many of the qualities I admire most in my father: Grace and calm. Being poised and ready to help and protect others. Steadiness and strength, even while at rest. And perspective and balance – being able to see the bigger picture.


This powerful image is a constant reminder of the values that have shaped who I am, and that serve as the foundation of my practice – and my life.

If you are contemplating getting divorced, consult Liz Croland Sarakin first.

As an attorney who handled divorces for over 30 years, she is calm, savvy, truly listens, and is uniquely positioned to help you evaluate if a divorce is what you'd like to pursue and understand how to protect your interests and assets. If you wish to arrive at a place where you can resolve property issues and move forward without litigation, call Liz. You will save yourself unnecessary expense and emotional upheaval. 

– A very satisfied client who stayed married

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